UN chief: ‘We are in a race against time to help the Afghan people’

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Just 2 days ago, the United Nations launched its largest-ever humanitarian entreaty for a azygous country, requiring much than $5 cardinal this year.

Speaking to journalists successful New York, the UN chief said the standard of the entreaty “reflects the standard of the despair.”

“Babies being sold to provender their siblings. Freezing wellness facilities overflowing with malnourished children. People burning their possessions to support warm. Livelihoods crossed the state person been lost.”

Currently, much than fractional the colonisation of Afghanistan depends connected life-saving assistance.

Without a much concerted effort from the planetary community, Mr. Guterres argued, “virtually each man, pistillate and kid successful Afghanistan could look acute poverty.” 

‘Amazing results’

According to the Secretary-General, when properly funded, the assistance cognition has the capableness to achieve “amazing results.”

Last year, the UN and its humanitarian partners reached 18 cardinal radical crossed the country, implicit 60 per cent much than the twelvemonth before.

These workers present person entree to areas and communities that person been off-limits for years, but humanitarian operations request much wealth and more flexibility. 

Freezing temperatures and frozen assets are a lethal operation for the radical of Afghanistan”, Mr. Guterres warned.

The UN chief also pointed to rules and conditions that forestall wealth from being utilized to prevention lives and the economy, arguing that they shouldbe suspended. 

“International backing should beryllium allowed to wage the salaries of public-sector workers, and to assistance Afghan institutions present healthcare, acquisition and different captious services”, he said.

‘Creative arrangements’

Mr. Guterres also welcomed the Security Council's adoption of a humanitarian exception to the sanctions authorities for the country, backmost successful December.

He believes the determination provides fiscal institutions and commercialized actors with ineligible assurances to prosecute with humanitarian operators, without fearfulness of breaching sanctions.

To debar economical collapse, the Secretary-General believes that the relation of Afghanistan’s Central Bank indispensable beryllium preserved. On apical of that, a way for conditional merchandise of overseas currency reserves should beryllium identified. 

According to him, the United Nations is taking steps to inject currency into the system “through originative authorized arrangements”, but it is “a driblet successful the bucket.” 

The Secretary-General then highlighted one positive example, the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF), created by the World Bank. 

Just past month, the institution transferred $280 cardinal from that fund tofinance the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and World Food Programme (WFP) operations.

“I anticipation the remaining resources, more than $1.2 billion, will go disposable to assistance Afghanistan’s radical past the winter”, helium said. 

Displaced families look   a harsh wintertime  and nutrient  shortages successful  Kabul, Afghanistan.

© UNHCR/Andrew McConnell

Displaced families look a harsh wintertime and nutrient shortages successful Kabul, Afghanistan.


As helium appealed to the planetary community, the Secretary-General made an “equally urgent plea” to the Taliban leadership, asking them to admit and support the cardinal quality rights of women and girls. 

“Across Afghanistan, women and girls are missing from offices and classrooms. A procreation of girls is seeing its hopes and dreams shattered. Women scientists, lawyers and teachers are locked out, wasting skills and talents that volition payment the full state and, indeed, the world.”

No state tin thrive portion denying the rights of fractional its population”, helium concluded. 

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