Tips for Writing Business Press Release for Best Results

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3 Tips for Writing Business Press Releases for Best Results

Writing a press release is not simply about announcing a forthcoming event, a major acquisition, the launch of a new product, or anything significant for your company.

It is also a way to effectively position your business in the market and build meaningful mindshare with your target audience. This makes it extremely important for you to understand how to write a press release for the best results.

We will look into that in a moment. But first, let us understand what exactly a press release is.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is an official statement delivered to the members of the news media and beyond to mindshare with journalists over time.

It’s designed to provide sufficient information about a specific event so that news outlets can use the information to create their own story. Press releases are usually no longer than a page or a maximum of two.

It is a very good source for creating a buzz and generating leads for your business. It can also be a way to gain free publicity in the market, which in turn can increase brand awareness. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll use it as a way to twist things to make them sound more interesting. That’s not really what you’re supposed to do. Instead, look at it as a way to improve your marketing strategy by summarizing what exactly you want people to know about your business.

Press releases live in the public domain. This makes them accessible to anyone at any time they want. So instead of using them only to gain some media attention, try using them as a compelling piece of content to market your business in a positive and impressive way.

Not sure how to do that? Let’s find out.

1. Pay Attention to Your Headlines

Your headline is the first thing that the reader will notice. In a way, your headline will help you make the first impression on anyone who’s reading it.

Reporters and media persons read several press releases in a day. So if you want to stand out amongst the others, you have to do something different to gain attention.

One of them is to use a catchy headline. It’s very important for you to use a captivating headline for your press release.

This doesn’t mean it needs to be a complicated one with fancy words in it. In fact, do just the opposite. Keep your headline short and simple.

To make it a little more impressive, try using some actionable verbs. This will help you draw people’s quick attention, and it can also be handy for your SEO when it’s up online.

2. Talk about the Background

Usually, press releases are short and crisp that give only the important information needed for media persons to craft out a story of their own. But this doesn’t mean you’ll simply jot down only the crucial details without giving them a background. This can take away the essence of the announcement.

Your press release should be detailed enough to let people understand the background as well. So make sure that you offer important narratives and other significant ways adopted to develop the project. This includes the commencement period, future implications, etc. You can also use the newsjacking strategy to boost brand exposure and generate more media attention.

3. Convey the News Value

Journalists, news reporters, and other media persons won’t bother to share your announcement unless they see what’s in it for them. So be upfront in letting them know why they should bother to share it.

Make the first paragraph of your press release about the important details like ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘where’, and ‘how’ of your developments. But keep in mind to cut the fluff. Just use your press release to highlight the factual details of the event. This will let reporters and journalists create a story from their own perspective to let people know more about the announcement. Overall, it should be a concise and crisp detail that adds value to your business and covers every little detail of what the project is about.

Writing an impactful press release can be tricky. But by keeping in mind the above-mentioned tips, you can easily come up with an impressive press release that reporters and media persons would love. 

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