Ready To Restart The Race: Phil Keoghan Talks About The Return Of ‘The Amazing Race’ After A 19-Month “Pit Stop”

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(CBS Local) – The filming of play 33 of the CBS Original show, ‘The Amazing Race’ started retired similar immoderate different play with eleven globetrotting teams, collecting clues and vying for the $1 cardinal prize.

Then, COVID hit.

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Out of an abundance of information for the formed and crew, accumulation was suspended successful February of 2020, conscionable six days and 3 legs into the race.

Fast guardant astir 20 months and what big Phil Keoghan calls the “longest pit-stop successful the show’s history.” He credits co-creators and enforcement producers Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri with orchestrating a program to get the situation backmost connected way portion keeping the contestants safe.

“Bertram and Elise who are the amusement runners – they’re the ones that truly spearheaded the the situation of getting backmost retired onto the roadworthy on with our enforcement successful complaint of production, Mark Vertullo,” said Keoghan. “Many, galore hours of talking done a plan, however it was going to work. A batch of thought astir however we were going to reset the race.”

What a leg!🔥 Can’t hold to spot you each adjacent week arsenic our racers travel backmost from our longest pitstop yet. #AmazingRace

— The Amazing Race (@AmazingRaceCBS) January 13, 2022

Keoghan says viewers tin expect the aforesaid competitory spirit, fast-paced enactment and amusive you’d expect successful immoderate different season, but with a fewer indispensable changes, adapting with the changing satellite and keeping information first.

“The work was not conscionable to the radical successful beforehand of the camera, but besides the radical down the camera. Right, truthful however bash you however bash you get everybody retired into the satellite and past backmost location safely again, to their families,” said Keoghan. “It’s our fig 1 priority, which is wherefore we stopped successful the archetypal place, but we surely didn’t privation to spell retired and restart the contention and past person to similar halt astatine a 2nd time.”

But, successful a play that usually films each 12 shows successful lone 21 days, would the contestants spot this other agelong interruption arsenic a antagonistic oregon a positive? Keoghan sees this arsenic a unsocial accidental for everyone to bespeak connected the archetypal fewer legs and reassess their strategy.

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“What bash we request to bash adjacent clip if we get a accidental to travel back? Do we request to beryllium fitter? Do we request to alteration the mode that we work clues?… it was precise absorbing to see,” said Keoghan.

While immoderate changes whitethorn not beryllium evident, determination is 1 large 1 you’re definite not to miss. For the remainder of the season, airdrome terminals are off-limits. Instead, the amusement chartered a 757 to alert from halt to stop, implicit with a “The Amazing Race” logo connected the side.

“It’s really 1 of the jets that immoderate NFL and NBA teams person utilized successful the past. And that was a existent crippled changer for america due to the fact that abruptly we were capable to support radical and guarantee that we weren’t moving done airports and exposed to the wide public,” said Keoghan.

Sadly, aft truthful galore months betwixt filming, not each of the archetypal teams are returning for the remainder of the season.

“Nineteen months is simply a agelong time. People’s lives change. They determination connected from relationships. They alteration jobs, they determination cities. So we knew that the longer we suspended the race, the harder it was going to beryllium to person everybody travel back,” said Keoghan

But, helium says they’ve travel up with an “interesting twist” that helium thinks fans volition beryllium pleased with.

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Watch ‘The Amazing Race’ connected Wednesday, January 19th astatine 9pm connected CBS arsenic the teams stitchery successful Switzerland to ‘restart the race’. Also streaming unrecorded and connected request connected Paramount+.

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