Press releases: Do You Want To Be Number One?

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Press releases: Do You Want To Be Number One?

Now that you have some of the basics covered on optimizing your newswire press release for the search engines, it's now time to write your press release.

You should include your most important keyword(s) in the title of the press release. The body of the press release should also include your most important keyword(s) sprinkled generously throughout, especially in the first paragraph.

In other words, the same rule for "keyword density" on your web page should also be applied to your press release. As you may know, "keyword density" simply means the number of times your keyword(s) is used on a given page.

As you may know, a Guest Posting issue press release is a great way to get the word out about your business. If done properly, your website can get fr-ee publicity and exposure by the media which can lead to a lot of traffic and sales.

You want a fine balance so that your press release makes sense not only to the potential reader, and media, but also makes sense to the search engines too.

When writing a press release you should try to "optimize" it for the search engines. Basically, the same rules that apply to web pages should also apply to your press release.

You don't have to be a writer to put out a good news release. Just write in your own natural style, the way you feel most comfortable, and keep it short and simple. 

Your press release has to be newsworthy so make sure is NOT a blatant advertisement for what you are selling. But don't overdo it with the keywords. Search engines frown upon this sort of thing which is called "keyword stuffing."

But one thing many marketers don't realize is that press releases are great for search engines too. When the major search engines "spider" these wire services, it's quite possible that your press release can get a top ranking for some major keywords.

Your press release should also be properly formatted. To get a good idea of how to properly format your press release you can visit this link:

Once you are done writing your press release it's time to submit it to the news wire services online. Many business press releases or wire services online charge you a fee. But there are also a few of them that you can submit online at no cost.

Here are a few of the sites you can submit your press release to at no charge:

But hopefully, this article got you thinking "outside the box" by writing and optimizing your press release for search engines.

There you have it. This article isn't a complete guide by any means to writing press releases so you may want to go to your favorite search engine and do some research.


Well, what are you waiting for? Start including press releases in your marketing strategy today!

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