MLK Jr. Celebration Unites People, Tackles Racial Injustices

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – People are spending the vacation play reflecting connected the beingness and bequest of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

More than 30 country churches held a solemnisation for the civilian rights activist’s beingness portion looking astatine however radical tin travel unneurotic astatine a clip erstwhile the pandemic has physically separated people. The lawsuit featured music, poem recitals and speakers.

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“I’m 4 generations removed from slavery,” said Pastor Samuel Gordon of Capital Christian Center. “My father, arsenic a boy, picked cotton.”

The pastor has been president of the MLK, Jr. Life Celebration for implicit 27 years.

His passionateness for keeping Dr. King’s imagination live is his mission.

As Gordon reflects connected the leader’s legacy, helium says it means a batch to him personally. His beingness has been a manifestation of the civilian rights movement.

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This twelvemonth marks the archetypal clip the religion has hosted the lawsuit in-person since 2019. It did connection a livestream for radical wishing to enactment home.

The Paschenkos accidental they came retired Sunday to amended recognize radical injustices and biases.

“I wasn’t brought up that way,” said Kathy Paschenko. “So, erstwhile it each started coming astatine me. I thought we’re each God’s children. He loves america equally. And to spot radical divided is simply a distraction.”

The diverseness of the attendance is simply a reflection of not lone the church’s congregation but the Sacramento metro.

For performer Brian Sloan, it means the icon’s celebrated “I Have A Dream” code remains relevant.

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“It means that his imagination is being held. His imagination is being held wrong our society,” helium said.

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