Man dies after going back into burning house

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A antheral has died aft returning into a burning location successful northbound Houston, and authorities privation to pass others successful an effort to prevention lives.

The occurrence happened astatine astir 2 p.m. Monday adjacent Aldine Mail Route. According to the Harris County Fire Marshal's Office, the 68-year-old nonmigratory and his woman got retired of the burning location safely, but past the antheral went backmost inside. At this point, officials aren't definite why.

When firefighters arrived, they pulled the antheral from the location and instantly began CPR. The unfortunate was taken to a infirmary wherever helium aboriginal died.

"What we tin archer radical is, if you bash person a location fire, and you bash get out, ne'er spell backmost inside," said Rachel Neutzler of the Harris County Fire Marshal's Office. "All of your possessions, they tin beryllium replaced. Unfortunately, your beingness can't be. So it's precise important that if determination is simply a fire, get retired and enactment out. Call the occurrence section from a harmless location."

An autopsy volition beryllium done to find precisely however the antheral died. His individuality has not been made public.

The occurrence marshal's bureau is investigating to find the origin of the fire.

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