Mali: Security Council warned over ‘endless cycle of instability’ 

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A decennary after civil conflict erupted in Mali, hopes for an aboriginal resolution to insurgency and strife have not materialized, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the country, El-Ghassim Wane, told the Security Council connected Tuesday.  

Instead, the UN apical envoy explained, “insecurity has expanded, the humanitarian concern has deteriorated, much children are of retired of schoolhouse and the state has been affected by an endless rhythm of instability.”  

In fact, more than 1.8 cardinal radical are expected to request nutrient assistance successful 2022 compared to 1.3 cardinal successful 2021, the highest level of nutrient insecurity recorded since 2014.  

And much than fractional a cardinal children person been affected by schoolhouse closures, which the envoy believes puts “the aboriginal of the state successful jeopardy”.  

Despite these challenges, Mr. Wane argued that the situation “would person been acold worse” without the engagement of the planetary community, including the deployment of the UN peacekeeping ngo (MINUSMA) in 2013.  

The Malian Government has been seeking to reconstruct stableness pursuing a bid of setbacks since aboriginal 2012, including a failed military coup d'état, renewed warring betwixt Government forces and Tuareg rebels, and the seizure of its bluish territory by extremist extremists. 


The Special Representative besides briefed the Council connected the current stand-off between the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the Malian transitional leadership, controlled by the military.  

Over the weekend, ECOWAS held an Extraordinary Summit and decided that the proposed timetable for the transition, lasting up to five and a fractional years, was “totally unacceptable”. 

Urging Malian authorities to absorption connected a speedy instrumentality to law order, they decided to uphold individual sanctions enactment successful spot connected 12 December and imposed further ones. 

The new sanctions include the callback of ambassadors from Bamako, the closing of onshore and aerial borders, suspension of each commercialized and fiscal transactions (with some exemptions), and the suspension of fiscal assistance, among others.  

Mali reciprocated by recalling its ambassadors and closing its borders with ECOWAS Member States.  

In an code to the nation on Monday evening, however, Transition President, Colonel Assimi Goita, called for unity and calm, stating that Mali remains unfastened to dialogue.  

Mr. Wane explained that supporting the transition is a cardinal facet of the MINUSMA mandate, so the mission will try to find a consensual mode retired to flooded the impasse. 

A protracted impasse volition marque it overmuch harder to find a consensual mode out, portion expanding hardship for the colonisation and further weakening authorities capacity”, helium argued, informing that specified script would “have far-reaching consequences for Mali and its neighbours.”  

Beyond the governmental transition, Mr. Wane believes it is besides important that the Council continues to wage attraction to the implementation of the bid statement and to stableness successful the Centre of the divided nation, calling it two “building blocks” for a peaceful and unchangeable Mali.  

‘Window of opportunity’ 

Back successful December, a process of nationalist consultation, known as Assises nationales de la refondation, ended with a bid of main recommendations, including a constitutional review, the instauration of a Senate, the acceleration of the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) process and territorial decentralization.  

Displaced women hole   nutrient  astatine  an informal campy  successful  Bagoundié, Mali.

Displaced women hole nutrient astatine an informal campy successful Bagoundié, Mali., by © UNOCHA/Michele Cattani

For Mr. Wane, these proposals “offer a window of accidental connected which each stakeholders should physique upon to determination guardant connected the implementation of the bid agreement.” 

The Special Representative also provided an update on MINUSMA’s activities, noting that 2021 saw much extremist attacks than immoderate years prior.  

The mission ended the twelvemonth with the highest fig of casualties since 2013, following a important emergence of attacks targeting main axes, convoys, camps, and impermanent operating bases.  

In total, 28 peacekeepers died, including 7 Togolese successful a single incident back in December.  

Humanitarian situation 

The struggle has also had a devastating interaction connected civilians and the humanitarian situation.  

On 3 December for instance, 32 civilians, including 26 women and children, were killed near Songho when their autobus was attacked by extremist elements.  

In conscionable 1 year, the fig of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) increased from 216,000 to much than 400,000.  

In specified hard circumstances, Mr. Wane described the effect to the humanitarian appeal as “lukewarm”, with only 38 per cent of funding received.  

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