Is SoFi Stock a Buy Ahead of Earnings? Morgan Stanley Weighs In

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2021 is already firmly successful the past, but connected Wall Street, the twelvemonth won’t beryllium genuinely implicit until companies study 4Q21’s financials. That said, erstwhile SoFi Technologies (SOFI) steps up to the net sheet adjacent month, Morgan Stanley’s Betsy Graseck believes each eyes volition beryllium connected the outlook for 2022.

After showing ~60% top-line maturation successful 2021, Graseck believes the bears are “skeptical of beardown gross maturation continuing, looking for a sharper slowdown successful 2022.”

Graseck is nary SOFI bear, but besides anticipates maturation volition dilatory down, expecting astir 40% maturation successful 2022e, with adjusted 2022e revenues hitting ~$1.42 billion. The expert sees 2022e EBITDA reaching $164 cardinal arsenic EBITDA margins grow to 11.5% from 3.0% successful 2021e.

The “forthcoming boost” for pupil indebtedness refi originations volition get different 3-month hold owed to President Biden's hold of the national pupil indebtedness moratorium to May 1. To relationship for the delay, Graseck had already reduced her pupil indebtedness refi forecast, and present predicts $5.1 cardinal of SLR originations successful FY22. Graseck’s outlook presumes a instrumentality to a pre-COVID run-rate of $2 cardinal a 4th does not hap earlier aboriginal 2023.

Elsewhere, since SOFI past reported net successful November, involvement complaint expectations person “risen,” which Graseck says puts a dampener connected summation connected merchantability margins from present connected in.

Lastly, implicit each of the past 3 quarters, SOFI has managed to treble its full subordinate basal connected a year-over-year basis, which on with merchandise growth, Graseck believes is an “important starring indicator for the guardant gross maturation trajectory.” For the quarter, the expert expects 10% sequential maturation and a 74% uptick from the aforesaid play past year, with members reaching 3.2 million. Member engagement should besides “continue to increase,” with products per subordinate increasing from 1.45x to 1.49x, exhibiting year-over-year full products maturation of 90% and landing astatine 4.8 million.

To this end, Graseck reiterated an Overweight (i.e., Buy) standing for SOFI, though the shares get a caller terms people arsenic the fig drops from $22 to $20. Nevertheless, investors volition beryllium sitting connected gains of 63%, should the forecast spell according to plan. (To ticker Graseck’s way record, click here)

On Wall Street, astir backmost the Morgan Stanley analyst’s take; the banal has a Strong Buy statement rating, based connected 6 Buys vs. 2 Holds. The wide people remains astatine Graseck’s anterior nonsubjective of $22. (See SoFi banal forecast connected TipRanks)

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