How To Write A Press Release For Your Business Or Non-Profit Organization

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A press release format is a great way to share your business or non-profit organization's story with the world. Think of it as a public relations tool, but in reverse; rather than trying to make yourself look good, you're doing it for your company and its mission.

There are many ways to write a press release—some better than others—but I've developed my own style that works best for me. Here's how I go about it:

Executive Summary

In the first paragraph of your press release, you should summarize what you have to say and keep it short. This is where you'll hook readers with your message, so make sure it's clear and concise.

The second part of a press release example is called the "Executive Summary." This section should give readers an overview of who you are, what your organization does and why they should care about it—and how much money it costs to fund that work (if relevant).

The third part of a traditional business or nonprofit organization's news release would be their mission statement or vision statement; this should be included in order not only because it helps explain why they exist but also because many people will look up nonprofit organizations based on these statements alone!


The introduction of your news release example should be short, but it must include the main benefit of what you’re releasing. It should also be written in the third person. The following are some examples:

  • “Started by two brothers, Unity Foods is a small-batch artisanal food company that transforms fresh produce into delicious products with a focus on quality and minimal processing. They pride themselves on using only locally sourced ingredients, as well as sourcing their wild salmon from Alaska's Bering Sea. With these values in mind they have created several recipes featuring their salmon which include dishes such as seared scallops over sauteed spinach leaves with brown butter sauce or braised short ribs served over root vegetables."


The byline is where you write the name of the person who wrote the press release. This can be any name, but it's always a good idea to include their title and where they work (if applicable).

You might also want to include what credentials or experience your writer has that makes him or her an expert in his field.


The body of your media release example should be no more than two paragraphs long. It's important to keep it short and sweet, because you want to capture the reader's attention quickly.

You'll need to explain what problem you're solving and how your product or service solves it in detail. Then, provide detailed information about yourself and/or your organization—what makes them unique? Who are they? What do they do best? And finally, provide details on types of investors who may be interested in partnering with you (e.g., angel investors).

Avoid the following mistakes

  • Avoid the use of jargon and long words. This can make your writing confusing, especially if you are trying to communicate information about a complex topic.

  • Don't use quotes that are too long or too short. Quotes should be kept under 150 words, unless they include an important piece of information that needs to be quoted in full (for example, if you're quoting an executive from another organization). If there's no need for a quote at all—and when applicable—you should omit it entirely from your press release!

  • Avoid using quotes as part of your press release text; instead choose another method like numbers and examples so that readers can easily understand what you're saying without having any special knowledge about whatever industry or field you're writing about.*


The takeaway is the most important part of any sample press release template. It should be short, but make sure it contains all the relevant information. The takeaway should be a summary of the main points in your body of text. You can write this section using bullet points or other formatting elements that are easy to read and understand by journalists and editors.


In conclusion, event press release template are a great way to get your company’s name out there. They can be used for announcements about new products or services, sales leads, and much more. In this article, we discussed some of the common mistakes that people make when writing theirs and provided tips on how to avoid them so yours will be successful!

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