Getting Answers: Can You Get Reinfected The COVID-19 Omicron Variant?

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Nearly 1,700 radical spent their MLK time successful Sacramento lasting successful enactment for a COVID-19 test. Many of those radical who waited successful enactment voiced a full batch of confusion.

Can you get reinfected with omicron? And is the variant connected the rise, oregon is it going down?

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Incredibly agelong lines formed astatine the Liberty Towers religion successful Sacramento connected Monday.

“Today’s been astir a three-hour wait,” ma Patty Mahon said Monday.

This ma came to marque definite her kids were harmless to travel.

Site person Megan Burgess says that by days end, they’ll administer 1,600-1,700 COVID-19 tests and perceive astir arsenic galore questions.

“I deliberation there’s a batch of disorder inactive astir quarantine, and being reinfected, and being vaccinated and inactive investigating positive,” Burgess said.

We asked the Yolo County Public Health Department if you tin get the COVID-19 omicron variant much than once?

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“It’s decidedly imaginable to get reinfected,” region spokesperson John Fout said. “Even successful radical who’ve been vaccinated and boosted.”

Another country of disorder was whether oregon not determination is specified happening arsenic a 90-day harmless zone. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, if you’re exposed to COVID-19 but person tested affirmative successful the past 90 days, you don’t request to isolate.

The Yolo County Public Health Department says to travel the guidelines, but don’t presume it means you’re immune for 90 days.

“Reinfections are imaginable wrong 90 days, peculiarly for those radical who had delta,” Fout said.

Finally, recent authorities data appears to amusement COVID-19 cases connected the decline. Here are the latest numbers connected the Calfornia authorities dashboard.

  • January 10: conscionable implicit 109,000 caller cases
  • January 15: the latest disposable information shows conscionable implicit 3,300 caller cases

That’s a steep driblet implicit 5 days — but are omicron cases truly connected the diminution successful California?

“I don’t deliberation it tells the full communicative yet,” Fout said. “If you instrumentality a look astatine the authorities information implicit the past fewer days, it does look to beryllium coming down slightly. But the authorities notes that it whitethorn beryllium incomplete and determination besides whitethorn beryllium a lag, truthful we’re not 100% sure.”

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Yolo County says it’s imaginable it’s passed its peak, but it’ll instrumentality a fewer weeks of information to cognize for sure.

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