Europe’s first: Sweden to launch first crypto SPAC

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As the archetypal federation successful Europe, Sweden is launching the archetypal crypto-based SPAC aboriginal this month.

SPAC popularity is connected the rise

A SPAC, oregon Special Purpose Acquisition Company, is simply a institution that has nary commercialized activities and is formed solely to rise superior done an IPO for the intent of acquiring oregon merging an existing company.

SPACs person been astir for decades, but person seen an detonation successful caller years. In 2020, 247 SPACs were created successful the United States, investing 866 cardinal euros successful them. In the archetypal 4th of 2021, a grounds €85 cardinal was raised from 295 recently formed SPACs.

Why a SPAC?

But what is specified a SPAC for? It is an accelerated way to an IPO. This is desirable for galore crypto and blockchain companies, arsenic an IPO via this way is usually faster, easier and cheaper than the accepted method. In addition, crypto companies are a caller and perchance charismatic accidental for SPAC investors.

Last twelvemonth alone, galore crypto companies, including Bakkt, eToro, and CompoSecure, went nationalist done SPACs. Many person looked astatine the agelong roadworthy that Coinbase had to question earlier they could commencement their IPO. This lasted nary little than 6 months.

HODL volition beryllium launched connected January 21

Thus acold we have’n’t seen that galore SPACs successful Europe, and nary with a circumstantial absorption connected the crypto industry. This is astir to alteration with the IPO of the precocious formed Swedish institution HODL SPAC Europe AB, with the ticker “HODL”.

According to the announcement, the institution volition participate the Swedish Spotlight banal marketplace connected January 21. This motorboat arsenic present go imaginable since they person present raised 2.8 cardinal euros successful capital.

Big ambitions successful technology

The main extremity of HODL SPAC is to get astatine slightest 1 institution wrong the blockchain manufacture with a worth of up to SEK 500 cardinal (approximately GDP 40.5 million) wrong 24 months of listing.

The archetypal radical of investors includes crypto figures specified arsenic Bitcoiner Eric Wall, Youtuber Ivan “on tech” Liljeqvist, and Christian Ander. The second is CEO of Michaela Berglund volition instrumentality bureau arsenic president of the company.

"HODL is present looking for companies with large ambitions and an underlying exertion with large commercialized potential. With HODL, a institution gets a much predictable way to listing, which means that the absorption tin stay connected processing the company. The availability of an experienced team, to the superior marketplace and accrued consciousness tin truly accelerate the company's development." says Chairwoman Michaela Berglund.

Great accidental for women successful the industry

Chairwoman Michaela Berglund highlights opportunities for women to participate the crypto industry.

“There is simply a large accidental for women to get into the manufacture aboriginal on, which successful information already represents billions of dollars worldwide. Women person mostly been much cautious astir investing. I judge that women not lone question the accidental to enactment successful the industry, but tin besides commencement investing successful it, successful this mode they tin sorb the worth instauration of the innovation connected the aforesaid presumption arsenic men.”

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