Cops needs 30 stitches after being mauled by dog

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STONEHAM (CBS) — A Stoneham constabulary serviceman is recovering aft helium was mauled by a canine connected Sunday morning. Officer Joe Ponzo was making a regular telephone astatine a location erstwhile helium was attacked.

Police said the canine lunged astatine the serviceman erstwhile the homeowner opened the door.

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Ponzo needed 30 stitches to his look and head.

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A Stoneham constabulary serviceman was attacked by a canine connected Sunday (Photo Via Stoneham Police)

Stoneham Animal Control reminded residents to unafraid their dogs successful a antithetic country if they cognize that police, fire, oregon aesculapian unit are responding to their homes.

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“These Officers instrumentality capable risks and should not person to interest astir atrocious favored owners,” carnal power wrote connected Facebook. Staff

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