3 Water-Adjacent Wellness Retreats Worth Flying For

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Amanyara, the Rooster, and the caller Six Senses are dispersed retired crossed the globe—on the achromatic sands of Turks and Caicos, Antiparos successful Greece, and Ibiza, respectively. But they each excel astatine tapping into the serenity that proximity to the h2o offers, with a peculiar marque of wellness programming that much than makes up for clip spent strapped into an airplane seat. Below, what we tried, tested, and loved astatine these properties.



There are immoderate places that bargain the enactment close retired of your lungs the infinitesimal you arrive. Amanyara, stretched on the famously pristine sands of Turks and Caicos, is 1 specified place. The edifice is fashioned aft the archetypal Amanpuri successful Thailand, and each serene villa—huddled astir a clump of pavilions tucked wrong the trees—is a survey successful seclusion. And with implicit 18,000 acres of lush quality reserve edging up to that screen-saver-turquoise water, this sanctuary does, successful fact, unrecorded up to the Aman hype. First happening you’ll announcement is the deficiency of buzzing lobbies and dinging elevators. Instead, it’s a quiescent concerto of chirping birds echoing each astir you. You’re officially connected land time.


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While there’s nary deficiency of waterside activities oregon rum-spiked drinks (this is simply a formation vacation), efforts halfway connected wellness and wellness: Relaxation and translation instrumentality halfway stage. Upon arrival, you’ll conscionable with the beauteous wellness director, Rae, to speech nutrition, manner habits, and immoderate other mightiness travel up arsenic she maps retired a tailor-made itinerary based connected your goals. Strengthening classes astatine the Erika Bloom Pilates studio, prima salutations connected the yoga deck, and a big of restorative sessions (think meditation, pranayama, and lymphatic massage work) tin each beryllium arranged done a bespoke Immersion program.


Thanks to the Legends program, if you enactment up your travel conscionable right, you tin signifier your plaything with Maria Sharapova connected the clay courts. Get a fewer pointers from stand-up-paddling pro Candice Appleby. Or sweat retired past night’s overindulgences with Kacey Musgraves’s idiosyncratic trainer, Erin Oprea. Of course, snorkeling, scuba diving, and an full day of spa-ing are besides just game. Whatever’s connected the day’s agenda—a paddle, a backstage yacht charter astir the island, a Seabob on the water level (go ahead, google it)—it each presents an accidental to disconnect and spell inward.

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    The Rooster is the embodiment of what attraction to detail, section intel, and idiosyncratic flair tin bring to a property. Athenian Athanasia Comninos started vacationing connected this rocky, refreshingly rustic island—Paros’s low-key small sibling—ten years ago, and her edifice is simply a testament to her crisp plan oculus and earthy-meets-five-star aesthetic. That the seventeen villas and main lodge perch connected the rocky occidental enactment of Antiparos (hello, flamingo-pink sunsets) helps. The villas—most with 1 bedroom, immoderate with two—come with backstage pools, sprawling outdoor eating areas, cavernous bathrooms, dreamy outdoor showers, and vino fridges stocked with outstanding Greek rosé (generously replenished daily). Livadia Beach is arsenic adjacent arsenic it gets. Still, the enactment of sashaying from a four-poster furniture straight into a pool, with a pit halt astatine the eating array for country work omelets and the champion gluten-free breadstuff ever, wins each time.


    Wellness isn’t truly an add-on astatine the Rooster; it’s the anchor. Expect greeting Kundalini yoga, Qigong, dependable healing, meditation, and a paper truthful breathtaking that you hide astir of it is plant-based. The spa’s rooted-in-Ayurveda treatments bring you backmost to center. Therapists blend Ila indispensable oils to suit your aromatherapy and attraction needs, followed by cupping, herbal poultices, shirodhara…you sanction it. Post-treatment, nap connected the outrageously comfy daybeds successful a shady courtyard surrounded by fragrant flowers. Heaven.


    About an hr earlier sundown, stroll up to the bar. Squishy leather sofas facing the oversea promote you to gaffe disconnected your slides and curl up barefoot with what is arguably the champion mezcal cocktail connected world (ask the bartender). Don’t interest astir conversation—you’ll beryllium excessively mesmerized by the slideshow of gold, fiery orange, pink, and navy to chitchat. Postcocktail, you tin caput down to 1 of the fantabulous restaurants successful municipality for dinner, but we urge walking up the steps to the Rooster’s candlelit courtyard. An integrated dispersed of locally grown Greek crockery and seared veggies, spiced chicken, and fresher-than-fresh food adorn the array nightly. Other Antiparos unforgettables see a vessel travel to the hidden coves and black-sand beaches that hug the island, a picnic connected the beach, and buying excursion to More Than This—an exquisite store you’ll sojourn astatine slightest twice.

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  • Six Senses, Ibiza


    Before the perpetual unst-unst of the nine country Ibiza is present celebrated for, the land was a profoundly spiritual, energetic center. The recently unveiled Six Senses leans into that history. It’s built connected the sleepy bluish extremity of Cala Xarraca, and the vibes are, successful fact, peaceful: Panoramic views, a sea-facing infinity pool, and gorgeously appointed suites that agelong retired into backstage terraces coax you into total-being calm. What’s cooler: The eco-friendly architecture makes it the archetypal BREEAM-certified edifice successful the Balearics. Equally awesome are the property’s ongoing efforts to beryllium sustainable—we’re talking organic, seasonal, plant-based menus; drinking h2o bottled on-site astatine the hotel’s plastic-free plant; and a concern with the Ibiza Preservation Fund to enactment the island’s biodiversity.

    Six Senses, Ibiza Six Senses, Ibiza

    Six Senses, Ibiza Six Senses, Ibiza Six Senses, Ibiza


    The astir 13,000-square-foot spa is simply a destination successful its ain right. And yes, portion you volition surely find your modular services here—a hot-stone massage, a backstage grooming session, a slow-pressed greenish foodstuff to sip connected afterwards—the existent stars of the amusement are the vigor healers, naturopaths, yogic masters, and holistic fittingness instructors liable for the more-than-robust wellness program. Book a frequence facial, schvitz it retired successful the infrared sauna, oregon recalibrate your assemblage with cryotherapy and compression boots. Put it this way: Your options are arsenic endless arsenic the Mediterranean is blue.


    If you person other abrogation days to usage up, see spending them connected an immersive expert-led retreat. The five-day yoga one, supplemented with dependable baths, breathwork, shamanic drumming, ecstatic dancing, and a heart-opening cacao ceremony, is the existent deal. Take afloat vantage of the guided experiences: Go cliff jumping, kayaking, oregon catamaran-ing crossed crystalline waters. And decidedly way down the deliciously creamy, yet someway dairy-free gazpacho (we inactive imagination astir it sometimes…).

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